Our Story

The Empire provides an intense training program at the Imperial Academy of Service of ten semesters encompassing five years of work and study. All our Royal principals, princesses, and princes are, or have been, enrolled in the Imperial Academy of Service. The academy prepares leaders able to respond maturely and gracefully to the critical situations they will encounter in their future lives. Before they graduate they are properly equipped with the knowledge and skills to contend with any emergency. Upon their graduation they are awarded entitlements of Imperial rank within the Empire of Earth and given the authority to act as full Principals of the Imperial Realm.

                The Academy of Service gives instruction in First Aid, Advanced First Aid, CRP/AED, Fire prevention and response training, emergency preparedness, electrical safety, chemical safety, physical hazards and other emergency response preparation courses. Also taught are subjects such as money management, public speaking, travel and event planning, journal keeping, effective communication methods, group dynamics, persuasive speech, and other leadership skills.

                The Earth desperately needs heroes. This booklet was written to convince you that you need this critical and important training for yourself. To enroll in the Imperial Academy of Service go to VRR2040.com  and become a hero!

           Good luck and happy hero-ing!

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