The future Empire of Man dedicated to the betterment of all mankind through charitable works and by the training of the world’s most promising youth to become truly noble leaders of their communities, countries, and world so as to bring peace and plenty to all the peoples of Earth. 

The Future Empire VRR2040

In the year 2040 C.E. the imperial Princess VRR shall be coronated as the first Empress of the Empire.

VRR2040 and the Imperium

An empire must exist before  empresses and emperors can be chosen to lead it. The Imperial Academy of Service is the first of the Imperial Offices to become active in this, the Pre-Empire Stage. The Empire will grow as more Royals are trained and equipped to assume their new duties to the service of all mankind; all will be ready for the grand inauguration of the our first empress, Empress VRR, in 2040 A.D.

We need you and your children and their children to join and support the Empire. Dedicate yourself to being a true hero carrying yourself nobly through life making the lives of all the people you touch better, richer, and happier.

VRR is born in the United States
VRR is chosen as first Empress of the Empire; her destiny is kept secret from her and caregivers.
The First Three Books of the Empire are written; VRR2040.com becomes active.
RThe First Class of the Imperial Academy of Service begin their first year of five years of training
LOrd Bryan
the Stout
Founder, Lord Chamberlain to VRR

“It is the contention of the future Empire of Earth that heroes are not born as heroic icons of human courage, no, not at all. The Empire believes and acts on the belief that heroes need to be trained; Rigorous training in all the skills that may someday be required of a hero. Anyone can be a hero with the right motivation and training; even you. And the world needs heroes, now.”

You don't have to pretend anymore...

A Future Prince

All enrollees to the Imperial Academy of Service (IAOS) receive Patents of Royalty acknowledging their inner nobility and strength. Upon graduation from the IAOS the Royal becomes an Imperial Principle and these Princesses and Prince will act democratically together to administer and distribute the wealth and power of the Empire. 

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